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Meeting with the CEO of the Algerian company Sonatrach held in the last days


In the last few days, the CEO of Bonatti Group, Paolo Ghirelli, had a meeting with the CEO of Sonatrach, Abdelmoumen Ould Kadour. Sonatrach is the Algerian State-owned oil company and one of the most important energetic players working worldwide in research, production, delivery, transformation and commercialization of hydrocarbons.


During the meeting, the two CEOs discussed the business path of Bonatti in the country and its role in the Algerian hydrocarbons industry.

The Bonatti’s path in Algeria has a very long history: it started with the first contract in 1999 and, after almost 20 years of entrepreneurial business in the country,  the company has become a reference point to State-owned and International Oil Companies.

In Algeria Bonatti is specialized in several fields of oil & gas and power sector: EPC projects, construction and maintenance of plants, construction of pipelines and well production services, where the company directly intervenes on hydrocarbons production with its technology.


The last - but not least - point is integration. 98% of Bonatti’s personnel in Algeria is represented by Algerian citizens, constituting a total of 4,000 people.
The employment of local workers is important even when we talk about the linked industries: more than 150 local companies are official partners or providers of Bonatti Group.

Located in 15 sites, Bonatti has its headquarters in Algeri and its main operating base in Hassi Messaoud (covering an area of 17.000 square meters): here the company provides coordination and services to all the operative places.

Currently the whole work of Bonatti Group in Algeria, with its high strategic value projects, proves the importance of the company and its capacity of being  a partner of most the important companies present in this area.


Projects examples:

  • In Alrar, the construction of the new boosting plant – that includes the installation of 8 compressors – will increase the production of the gas field located in the area.
  • The EPC project – currently ongoing – aimed at creating a new compressor station in Hassi r’mel, the main gas node of the country, will increase the potential of the main gas transportation networks.
  • Operations & maintenance activities, in progress in different sites, support Oil Companies in maintaining the level of hydrocarbons production in existing plants. Among these works, significant relevance is to be given to the successful shut-down of MLE plants completed in April.
  • The Well Production Services guarantee the oil companies efficiency and optimization of hydrocarbons production. Thanks to the use of peculiar technological solutions, as the multiphase pumping systems, and thanks to its logistic capability, Bonatti is able to guarantee continuous support to the oil & gas fields and a zero environmental impact.

Mr. Paolo Ghirelli pointed up: “Today our attention is focused on fast track projects, that require a shrink of the construction times. Our smart construction team is developing the best techniques that will lead us to reduce the construction and start-up timing. We learnt this innovative techniques thanks to our activity in North America, where our clients give an extreme attention to the optimization of their capitals Our intention is to improve our research and make our experience available for National Oil Companies and for our clients North African area”.


Working at Bonatti means becoming part of dynamic team committed to achieving challenging objectives in international and multicultural contexts.



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