We host students from ITS Courses, Universities and Business Schools for their curricular internship.

At the end, the most of them are hired by Bonatti.

Since 2017 we collaborate with Dirextra Business School to welcome students from Engineering studies.
Students start an intern or an apprenticeship and the final placement is about 100%.

In 2022 we started a collaboration with ITS Logistica Sostenibile, a 2 years course held in Piacenza (Italy)
and some students spent their internship period by our Logistic Department in Parma HeadQuarter.

We strong believe in combining studies with professional experience, these occasions are opportunities for young generations both to discover Energy Sector
and to be aware of trends inside an international company.

"I did an internship at Bonatti for ten weeks, which was a very gainful experience on both levels professionally and socially.


I worked in the Shipping&Customs department that manage and plan the transportation of a wide variety of different objects using both types of exporting “temporary and definitive”, in several different locations on four continents using different transportation modes “sea, air, and roads”. This experience allowed me to gain a wide range of information and experiences that would be very hard to find them all together somewhere else.


The relationships in Bonatti are both friendly and professional: I’ve always found support from my superiors and colleagues. Sometime during lunch time, my boss organized a lunch together with all the team where we had conversations not related to work, allowing us to know each other outside the professional context."


Michael Sawires
Fondazione ITS Logistica Sostenibile, Piacenza (Italy)


"I initially got in touch with Dirextra in the 2019, through the web, and especially via LinkedIn. After some days of web researches and thanks to conversations held with some students of the previous editions of the Master, I decided to apply for the 31° edition of Dirextra Master for Professional Engineers in Oil&Gas sector, based in Malta.


I knew Bonatti before starting Dirextra Master Course and since the beginning my ambition was to work for it as Engineer. During the study course, my colleagues and I had the possibility to attend job interviews directly with the HR departments of several oil&gas and construction companies, among them the major ones of the italian country. After my first job interview with Bonatti, I was immediately hired and subsequently I started working in the headquarter in Parma as Project Engineer for Pipeline & Plant Business Unit.


My first impression about Bonatti was awesome, and I was very curious about the projects as well as about the experiences of my new collegues and all the other aspects of the company. During my first year in Parma, the 2020,I started to work for the 4th Injection Compressor project, in Kazakhstan, and as a CMS engineer I was involved into the coordination of the CMS team and I was responsible for the preparation of the project completion system and database. After a year and a half, I started to work on the construction site, in Aksay, Kazakhstan. Here I was responsible for the Completion office, leading the activities related to the Mechanical completion phases until the RFSU (ready for start up) of the plant.


In the 2022 I came back from Kazakhstan and I was involved into another project, this time an oil field in Iraq. Once again, I was leading the team through the preparation of the System, in order to manage the completion activities of the project.


Now, I am a project engineer of Bonatti Spa, and I am ready for a new project and a new adventure, this time in Mozambique!"


Alessio Spina 
Project Engineer - Bonatti SpA


"In summer 2022 I spent ten weeks at Bonatti for my curricular internship.


I supported the Head of Logistics and since my first day he made me feel part of Bonatti family. Before starting, Oil&Gas was for me an unknown sector, and now I can tell I’ve learnt both technical skills and soft ones. My colleagues have always been patient, ready to help me and to give me advices.


A big thanks to Bonatti."


Alessandro Bazzinotti
Fondazione ITS Logistica Sostenibile, Piacenza (Italy)



Working at Bonatti means becoming part of dynamic team committed to achieving challenging objectives in international and multicultural contexts.



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