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Quality, environment and safety starts with the procurement process.

Quality, Environmental Sustainability and Health and Safety in the workplace are integral parts of Bonatti’s professional culture.


In order to optimize these areas and select only vendors/subcontractors who are qualified and compliant with regulations and corporate principles of quality and safety, Bonatti selected one partner to conduct supplier qualification: SupplHi, a specialized platform for qualification of industrial vendors with a focus on the oil & gas industry. 


SupplHi is a specialized platform covering project materials (Valves, Piping, Packages, …) and Logistics and Engineering services. The platform brings together companies such as Bonatti in order to build a community of buyers, then collects registration information from suppliers, who provide a set of information starting from their categories of supply. SupplHi provides quality assurance to the information received.



The platform brings the following benefits to the vendor:


  • Business visibility: with a single registration, the supplier becomes visible to all registered Buyer organizations
  • Qualification: all vendors with valid Registration are qualified for Bonatti
  • Connection with procurement system: Bonatti’s ERP System is linked with the platform, so once a request comes to the buyers, the system immediately proposes the sellers registered in the corresponding category of supply
  • Update of information: Suppliers promptly receive notification from the platform of expiring information



Registration on this platform is the mandatory channel in order to become a Bonatti supplier/subcontractor.

In order to register, suppliers must fill out an online registration, providing the necessary documentation.

The registration is totally free. Below you can find further details about the registration process.



Register on SupplHi

Supplier companies that are interested in becoming Bonatti SpA suppliers/subcontractors through SupplHi ( for projects materials (Valves, Piping, Packages, etc.) and Logistics and Engineering services, should follow these steps:


  1. Register as a User on SupplHi at and/or get in touch with the SupplHi Team at [email protected], to check if your company has been pre-registered, which could save you some time during the process;
  2. Confirm your user registration via email, login and start your Vendor Onboarding and Vendor Registration at;
  3. Complete the online Vendor Registration process, choosing the right categories of supply, uploading the required information, and submitting your company Registration. It usually takes ~2 hours with the typical pre-qualification material at hand. The SupplHi Team is always available to support you in the process;
  4. The SupplHi Category Manager dedicated to your specific groups of supplies may get in touch with you to provide quality assurance to the information that you have uploaded;
  5. Your company Vendor Registration information will only be visible to the Buyer organizations approved on the platform, further increasing your global visibility;
  6. You can update your information at any time. However it will always be subject to the constant quality assurance of the SupplHi Team.


A guide for suppliers is available at this link 


Register on SupplHi


Working at Bonatti means becoming part of dynamic team committed to achieving challenging objectives in international and multicultural contexts.


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