Coating equipment - MCL Machine

Engineered and manufactured in-house

Coating operations

Welding activity is certainly a key-issue for a Pipeliner like Bonatti. But it is not everything. Coating operations are also necessary to achieve a complete pipe-laying workflow: this phase guarantees protection and anticorrosion function to the welded joints.


Typically, the joints are coated with a Multi-Component Liquid (MCL) : it is a spray or brush applied coating system for protection of field joints, valves, bends, etc. It can be either an epoxy and/or polyurethane based product. Prior to application, surface preparation and pre-heating is a fundamental pre-requisite for this type of coating.


Application can be completed using various techniques. In most cases, the Multi-Component Liquid (MCL) is applied manually, entrusting the quality of the operation to the skill of the operator.

Needs and decisions

Due to the experience achieved in our construction sites during decades of executed projects, we were able to analyze in detail the coating activity with the aim of raising the level of quality outcomes.


Our decision was simple. The total control of coating operations and their industrial reproducibility are a key-element to guarantee the maximum quality of pipeline construction to our clients!


It was necessary to think about engineering and automation of the coating process. This is how our "Bonatti MCL Machine" was born.

Service innovation

We designed our proprietary “MCL Machine” to apply an even, smooth and uniform coating that provides repeatable quality throughout the length of any project. To guarantee uniformity of coating thickness the speed of movement is precisely controlled.


Our internal system has improved features for the monitoring of material parameters, along with automatic checking of the pumping equipment to ensure that the material is being applied at the correct conditions and in the correct mix-ratio, at all times during and after the application.


Using an automated system reduces costs for both working activities and material, whilst providing a significantly safer and green application process to traditional hand applied techniques.

Main advantages

Safety - Quality - Production

The Bonatti “MCL Machine” helps to guarantee safety rules implementation for all the operators involved in the process.
The machine stop any mechanical activity at the slightest contact. At the same time, a list of successfully passed laboratory tests prove the quality of Bonatti coating application.



The Bonatti “MCL Machine” is fully programmable. All working parameters are recorded. Parameters could be downloaded, analyzed and optimized in each working day.



The Bonatti “MCL Machine” allows a simple transfer of knowledge to human resources. In fact only for particular (and very infrequent) applications it is necessary the employment of operators with specific experience, that will be supported by Bonatti technician during all the training process.


Working at Bonatti means becoming part of dynamic team committed to achieving challenging objectives in international and multicultural contexts.



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