Italy: Bonatti Group acquires contracts for 3 BESS installations

Carlo Gavazzi Impianti, a subsidiary of Bonatti specialized in EPC projects for the electrical sector and in electro-instrumental and automation activities, enters the energy storage sector.



The realisation of new battery storage systems (the so-called 'BESS - Battery Energy Storage System'), which play a key role in the future of renewable energy. Renewable sources are subject to production variability and, consequently, cannot guarantee the continuity and stability needed by the electricity grid. BESS systems act as a “balance” between supply and demand: they allow energy injection into the grid at peak times or during high variability of production and, conversely, they release stored energy at times of higher abundance when the natural resource is relatively weak.



In this context, Carlo Gavazzi Impianti, thanks to the qualifications in the Power field (generation, storage and distribution), it has become part of a "niche" of EPC Contractors capable of carrying out highly complex "BESS" plant projects and with challenging execution schedules.


Therefore Bonatti Group has acquired contracts for three 'BESS' installations to be built in Sardinia, Piedmont and Veneto.


The projects involving Carlo Gavazzi Impianti embrace a range of activities that include the design and construction of the BOP (Balance Of Plant - a fundamental element of the BESS - i.e. all the support equipment, including the MV and LV interconnection cables, the auxiliary systems and special systems such as, for example, anti-intrusion, fire detection, video surveillance, etc., etc.) with powers from 19 to 40 MW and electrical substations with voltage levels from 150 to 380 kV with relative HV (high voltage) connections to the National Network.


The scope of the work assigned to Carlo Gavazzi Impianti includes:

- the design and construction of the BESS field
- the design and construction of 150kV and 380kV substations
- the connection to Terna's national grid with underground cables
- Commissioning and Start-up of all equipment


The entire block of projects will be carried out in total synergy with the parent company Bonatti leveraging engineering capabilities and Power expertise of Carlo Gavazzi Impianti (high voltage generation and distribution) with the execution and operational capacity of the parent company.


This recent achievement is extremely important for Carlo Gavazzi Impianti and the Bonatti Group as it consolidates the company's position in the renewables sector, placing it in a fundamental area of the plant engineering chain such as Energy Storage.


The projects are all already operational and are scheduled to be completed with energy fed into the grid by the first quarter of 2024.



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